Transparency is arguably the biggest driver of change in ad tech these days. And attribution service AppsFlyer is offering another way to shine a light on what’s going on.

The Tel Aviv-based firm has announced its Agency Transparency solution, which lets a brand more easily drill down into granular detail about its app install campaigns. AppsFlyer says that, to its knowledge, this is the first ready-made transparency option for agencies about this kind of data.

Previously, Senior Director of Agency Alliances Daniel Kahtan told me, the default setting in AppsFlyer’s agency dashboard showed total app installs by agency or by a given campaign or series of campaigns. Agencies had more detailed info, but they often preferred to export it and then present it in conversations with the brand.

This allowed the agency to maintain control of its relationship with the advertiser. Kahtan said the previous thinking was: “If the client sees everything, [the agency’s] expertise is at risk.”

Now, agencies can click a button in the AppsFlyer dashboard and see such data as media costs per ad network, install counts per ad network or ad campaign, numbers of impressions and clicks and quality of users in each ad network, the latter determined by factors like number of users acquired in each network who actually registered in the app after installing it.

[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]

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