Roughly a decade ago, a variety of companies were trying to simplify and make (self-service) display advertising accessible to small businesses (SMB): AdReady, AdMission and iPromote. Today, only iPromote is still carrying that torch; the others have been acquired or exited the SMB market.

While they weren’t all the same and used different tools, it’s safe to say that these companies were well ahead of their time in one way or another. And most weren’t able to make good on their promises of simplicity and performance. Now, the market and technology have caught up and started to make automated cross-channel display advertising for SMBs a reality.

iPromote says its mission is “to make display advertising accessible and affordable to every business, regardless of budget, through technology designed from the ground up.” The company’s technology automates the ad-creation process by pulling creative assets from existing SMB websites and social media.

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